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I give the best blow job I bet, if you want to feel a giggle on your dick I also have a very clean and tight pussy!

Hi, I'm Miss Misseri, I am in my early twenties and very flexible. Allow me to give you relaxing and pleasurable session in these stressful times. I bring something fresh, new and exciting to your bedroom experience. I'm an accomplished and beautiful call girl with a lot services to offer, my goal is to please you in what ever way or form you can dream of, text i am always free for you...

I'm a free spirit with a great personality, a good conversationalist, a great listener and a really fun person to be around with. Even if you just wanna have drinks or someone to talk to.

Dance is my happy place, I also enjoy watching movies a lot, shopping, reading books and traveling.


?Please note that I will not tolerate any form of rude or aggressive behavior towards me either before or during a date.

?It takes absolutely nothing to be a nice person less

Nyt on: Helsinki | Piiri: Helsinki

This ad activity - Last seen: 2020-07-09

Sukupuoli: Naisten

Olen (paikkakunta) Finland

Puhun … kielellä:

Ikä: 23
Pituus (cm): 180
Paino (kg): 56
Poven koko: C
Silmien väri: Ruskea
Ihon väri: Vaalea
Tukan väri: Musta
Karvojen ajo: Karvat ajettu
Tupakoin: Ei
Koristelävistys: Kyllä
Tatuointi: Kyllä

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  • a

    Jaakko its really sad..... most men are hypocrites.... I met her last night too she told me her side of the story i will urge the site admin to invite FC_Apollo and Misseri to meet and present their conversation on whatsapp to make this right!! an escort have every right to give you her own terms and condition if you not oblige to it, you stay off, FC_Apollo i want to ask you a question just one... any video call on her service?

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  • J

    Its sad that people presume what its not... i am surprise dont forget we have sisters that can be escort tomorrow, i just left her now.. she is kind and gentle i aske about MukatAev, she explain everything to me, and showed me her finsgirls account that she couldn't log on, i wont say it here, i wish you all can hear her side of the story too so you can judge there is Karma!! i agree with her!!!

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  • M

    I agree with FC_Apollo. Be careful people there are a lot of such girls. Be also careful with paying in advance. Some girls may ask you to pay 50 euro in paypal or in strange website where you will have to write your bank details. Another thing try to pay by cash. Best wishes Aevoes

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  • J

    It was nice meeting you, i see you again next weekend... clean chocolate pussy!! yummy yummy

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  • F

    Scam, don't try this one. She wants you to bought a gift card example google placard and then give the card code. You will newer see the girl or the card money , they try that on me but did not work on me.

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